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Silverchair Break Up


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ALMOST 20 years on, the tween dream has come to an end. One of Australia's most enduring and internationally successful rock bands, Silverchair, has announced it is breaking up.


After starting out as 12-year-olds in 1992 and going on to sell more than 6 million records, Daniel Johns, Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou yesterday announced on their website that they were putting the band into ''indefinite hibernation''.


Efforts to record a new album since 2009 had revealed that timeless band-breaker - musical differences. ''It became clear to us we were moving in different directions,'' the statement read. ''It's become increasingly clear the spark simply isn't there between us.''


Amazing when you realize they've been a band since they were 12!

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Five singles from Frogstomp:


", "Pure Massacre", "
Israel's Son
", "Shade" and "Findaway"


Four singles from Freak Show:


"Freak", "
Abuse Me
", "
" and "The Door"


Four singles from Neon Ballroom:


Anthem for the Year 2000
", "
Ana's Song (Open Fire)
", "
Miss You Love
" and "Paint Pastel Princess"




A few were released from the Diorama and Young Modern albums, but the brunt of their success was what I listed above, especially the bolded tracks.

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That song brings back SO many memories! I had just graduated high school, I had an entire summer all to myself and all my friends and I did was go down the shore and surf just about every day. Complete freedom, best time of my life before college started.
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