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The Official Milestone Thread


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Give props to users with milestone posts here. Try to keep it to round numbers that make sense. Don't big-up yourself for 1,267 posts. :D




So far this week we've had:


Rhommy ? 1,500 posts


sheltonpackfan ? 1,000 posts


BleedzNYRBlue ? 1,000 posts


NosLliWhsoj ? 1,000 posts


Peetie27 ? 5,000 posts

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I'm on Forum Runner. Can't see your pitiful Rep bar or pathetic post count.


do you really want to open this can of worms? the next time i go on one of my posting tears ill be sure to wave at you as i pass your post count.


yea thats right my epeen > yours.

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I suppose I need to start posting more and being funny. My rep bar is shit and I'm cooler than all you cats.


i can only rep yo so much before i have to spread it around broham.


We have rules in place for people like you two.

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