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I really wish TNA had alternative programming, because their roster is way too big for a single two-hour program every week. That's how talents like MCMG go from ex-TNA Tag Team Champions to not even being on television in a matter of weeks. Kills me.
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HA! They're ?ber talented, but really really young. I'll be damned if they aren't entertaining, though — I just wish they'd actually buy a pair of fuckin' wrestling boots. Them coming out in those bell-bottom rockers pants and white sneakers just kills me.
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Very, but they have the look and feel of a decent team. With some help on the mic or with a mouth piece (like anyone in Immortal) they're not that bad at all, and Immortal needs a tag team, so I'm OK with them being there. Better them than seeing guys like Ink Inc. in their place.
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Not really. Makes sense for the show, but I was never really a fan of this kind of storyline. I hated it when it was happening with Lita/Hardy/Edge, and it's really no different now, but I can understand why they're running it. Really puts over Jarrett as a huge heel.
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