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Devon Toews Rips Avs in 'Heated' Post-game Comments


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Bednar backed him up, too:



“I think that was a little frustration on Devon’s part, but I think … he’s not wrong,” Avalanche coach Jared Bednar said Thursday morning before the team faced the Ottawa Senators at Ball Arena. “He’s not wrong, right? We see it. We have to commit to the detail of our system, what’s required from the work ethic, competitive standpoint within that system. Some of our decision-making is not where it needs to be. Especially at this time of year — teams are starting to tighten up and get better at what they’re doing, and we’ve sort of taken a step backwards over the last (11) games.

“We have to fix it. We’ve had a handful of meetings. We’ve discussed things, but now it’s time for action.”



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Not wrong at all. The team has been incredibly hot and cold this season. When they're on, they're unbeatable. On other nights, most ECHL teams could spank them. From the outside, it looks like a team that's content with winning based on their skillset but unwilling to commit to a system or blue collar effort on a regular basis. Which is basically reflected by their record. 

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