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What Are You Reading?


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I guess TV, Music, & Movies is where I should put this lol


I recently got into reading again and have finished a few books. I'm so far removed from the literary world that I'm diving in head first, but I really don't even know what I like yet. Those hardcover mystery-thrillers are always easy to find and read, but it feels like reading a movie and I don't really like watching movies, so I need to find my stride. 


The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins - Eh, I hated all of these characters and the storyline, but I made it through the book. It was an interesting read and I wanted to find out what happened. 


The Mist by Stephen King - Good, but dated? I can't wait to read more of King's work. I have It and a few others here. 


I started The End of the Pier by Martha Grimes and fucking hated it. I have nothing good or nice to say about the 50 pages I read of this; I hated it. Fuck you Martha Grimes. 


Never Far Away by Michael Koryta - This is the book that made me realize that I might not be reading what I like just yet. The story was fine; I quite liked one of the characters and might even pick up another book by this guy that has the same character...I kept turning the page, I wanted to find out what was happening, but I found none of this relatable or realistic, which is my biggest gripe with movie stories - heists, espionage, murder to the nth degree just isn't my shit. 


The Invitation by Rachel Abbott - Good, suspenseful, good twists, more realistic than the previous book, and sorta believable albeit a bit far-fetched. Think Clue (murder mystery) but not exactly in a bottle. 


I started Horns last night by Joe Hill based solely on the fact that a dude drinks a lot and wakes up with Horns on his head. I didn't really read into any more of the storyline and got 30 pages into it last night. I'm gonna fucking love this book, I can tell. Looked up the author - he's Stephen King's son lol. 


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Been on a run of mystery murder type stuff. 

Bullet Train - originally written in Japanese the translation takes a bit of getting used to but the story is compelling. 

Night Train to Lisbon - it you enjoy languages and studying languages this wonky Latin teacher takes an interesting life-turn. 

My Dark Vanessa - really dark view yet eye-opening. Lolita or predatory rape? 

Gone Girl, The Golden Couple, or Woman in the Window are going to keep you turning pages too.  

Currently reading The Wedding Guest. (Who obviously becomes the dead wedding guest. 😆)

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