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Travelling for First Games Ever!


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Hey anyone who can help! 

Lifelong die hard Rangers that grew up in Toronto. Travelling to The Garden for the 1st two home games. #1 on the bucket list 


Wondering if any New Yorkers or avid fans who have experience with the Garden can give me some tips on:


ticket purchasing (do it now or wait) 

best seats/sections (I’ve checked out the seating map but would still like any advice I can get) 


do’s/donts around the city


where to go before/after games 


Any pro tips help! 
Thank you!! 

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Welcome @LMorris. We have lots of season ticket holders here who can help answer these questions for you. Chime in, fellas.


Because this isn't team-related, I'm gonna move it to the Bar Room, but hope you have a blast at the game and visiting the city.

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Eat and drink before you get to the garden. It’s a rip off.


make sure to visit the high line, Hudson yards, downtown… skip Times Square it’s just lights and psychos. Find a good pizza spot and definitely get some. 

plenty of good museums. 

In terms of tix I’d say you might score a nice discount if you wait until last minute but there’s no guarantee. if I’m planning a trip I wanna have my tix ready and waiting for me personally. 

Donts:Don’t engage anyone on the subway. Don’t stand in the middle of the sidewalk and think about where you wanna to go… people will bump you and get annoyed. 

good luck at Pearson.. I literally quit my last job because I couldn’t stand flying out of there anymore 🤣🤣

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Great thanks. 

No Pearson for me, fly Porter out of Billy Bishop. 

Any recommended seating areas? I know which end we shoot at twice. Is there a bad seat in the house?? Budget wise it’ll like be 200 sections unless I get lucky and score something in the 100s. 

Any good pre-game/post-game bars/atmosphere within a few blocks from the rink? 

Any good shops to grab some more rangers gear within a few blocks of the rink? Likely stay somewhere close to the garden to keep it easy.

Recommended airport to fly into? 

Thanks everyone! 

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I haven't been to a game in years but some spots I used to hit up pre/post game were the Blarney Stone Pub, which isn't that far of a walk from the Garden.  I think the other one was called Tempest, which was right across the street, I think on the post office side if I remember correctly.  


edit - After looking on Google Maps, I was half right.  Both bars are actually right near the post office on 8th Ave 31st Street and they're right across the street from one another.  I don't remember that being the case, weird lol. 

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2 hours ago, siddious said:

Fly into jfk if you can LaGuardia is a shit show with all the construction going on.


newark ain’t bad if you’re staying in Manhattan

LGA is so good now.  I just flew back from Charleston a couple of days ago, now I think I would prefer to fly in/out of LGA.  


@LMorrisAs for places to go before the game, Tracks isn't bad, and it's right across the street on 31st street, closer to 8th Avenue.  The pizza joint by the corner of 31st and 8th is really good if you want a quick slice.  


My seats are in Sec 213, love the seats, I'm half way up, on the side that the Rangers shoot twice.  I would say any section that is equivalent to the goal line and going towards center ice are good seats, especially on the side the Rangers shoot 2x.  


If I do eat at the game, my preference is to go to the Madison Concourse (first level), better choices there.  

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Flying into LaGuardia there seems to be an issue with terminals and which one the plane needs to go to. Happened to me this week, happened to my mom a few weeks ago. Could just be coincidence but I used to love flying into LaGuardia because it was as close to a hop on/hop off experience as you could get to for flying.


flying out… seems some entrances to the airport are blocked off at the moment. My Uber driver has to go round about and added 10-15 mins to my commute which thankfully didn’t kill me but I was already cutting it close. 

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