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HBO Max and Discovery+ to Merge Into Single Streaming Platform


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Given the content of both platforms, this doesn't really make much sense in terms of audience.


However Disney plus has Nat Geo on that platform.


It's a business decision probably related to not wanting to maintain both apps. 

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I mean, in terms of content, you can pull it off no problem. Disney+ is insane with it's range — it just gives users the option to navigate to Network-specific shit right off the hop. Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Nat Geo all right there. HBO Max kinda did the same with I think it's Cartoon Network? Plus HBO, etc.


The key is going to be which absorbs the other. HBO Max is already a monster of an application. It's like 50x the size of its competitors in literal file size. Adding all that Discovery content could really bog it down if they don't fix that with a bit of a re-design.

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