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Rangers Hire Skating Coach Dawn Braid as Consultant


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Thank you dear Lord!!!   ....I mean Drury! 


This is a prayer answered!   The first one was the scouting team upheaval!


I'm liking this Drury administration!  Now, if he could only do something about these damn gas prices!!  LOL

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1 hour ago, RichieNextel305 said:

Like many of you, first thought was Laffy. He did look to be a little quicker down the stretch and in the playoffs. But, this will do nothing but help. Good hire.


Can we hire someone to come in and teach our centers, whoever they might be, how to take faceoffs?

Because it's not on the centers, it's a team stat. The wingers need to come in a lot quicker for loose pucks, and they don't. 


There's a reason Copp dropped like 6% as a Ranger. 

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