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Captain Fox?

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21 minutes ago, Long live the King said:

Zib has my vote


Fair choice, but don't think it's the right one if they name one. 


9 minutes ago, Kick save and a beauty said:

We are doing all of this without a named captain.  If it ain't broke....





Also a fair choice, but the wording by Gallant tells a lot. Fox is "the" leader.

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19 hours ago, siddious said:

Maybe we all had it wrong and there are in fact multiple leaders on this team. Hard to argue against that right now. 

Absolutely.  This team seems to have leadership coming out of its ears right now.  You just have to remember Kreider essentially turning down an empty netter towards the end of the year (and while 50-goals was still in doubt).  Talk about team first.   Then Mika giving an interview a few days later where he said he was simply going to stop shooting altogether and pass the puck to Kreider until Kreider got his 50.  This team cares about each other.


Kreider jumping into fights to protect a team mate from day 1 or any one of a million other little things we have all been watching this year. Leadership?  Kreider, Fox, Trouba, Goodrow, Reaves (yeah Reaves), Lindgren (in spades), Igor.... Geez the list is almost endless.


Fun times doesn't even begin to describe it.

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