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PHI Re-Sign Sean Couturier to 8-Year/$62M Extension; $7.75M AAV


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Fortunately or unfortunately, Zib is quite a bit better.
I'm not sure the gap is that wide, TBH. Zib is more dynamic but Couturier certainly a formidable offensive player and much harder to play against.


This should put Zib in the 8.5-9.5 range, tbh.

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This horse has been dead for months, man. Move on.


A trade and contract signed a month ago is months? Seems like fake news.


By the way, Couturier and Zibanejad have nearly identical stats the last 4 years. Very close last year. And only one of them plays Selke defense. Zibanejad had the one half season or whatever two years ago that was god mode. Truth be told, if Zib for Couturier was on the table, I probably take it.

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