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CHI Acquiires Tyler Johnson, 2023 2nd-Round Piick from TBL for Brent Seabrook


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This is all great for the game. But I do enjoy a competitive Chicago in the NHL. One of m6 favorite cities and venues.


It makes me wonder why Fleury doesn't want to play there. They're not an elite team, but it's a great market, he has Cups and is going in the Hall of Fame anyway. lol

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Not being a cap maven, I need to have explained why taking on Seabrook creates extra cap space for Tampa. I understand that they don't have to count his salary against the cap while he is on LTIR, but how does that create extra space? Wouldn't it just be a wash?
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LTIR allows you to exceed the cap by to to the full charge of the player on it. I would need to do the math, but my guess is minus (healthy h Johnson, plus (LTIR) Seabrook gives them upward of an extra $1.8 million as CJ said. Once the roster formalizes and he's officially placed on LTIR, that is.



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