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Minimum Post Counts Added to Politics, Religion, Philosophy & News


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We've had a few of you reach out with suggestions and concerns about the hockey-politics balance here. After conferring with the Staff, we've come to an agreement on this and have implemented new restrictions we feel will positively, rather than punitively, address this. We are a Rangers forum first and foremost, so from this point on, anyone who registers to join our community and talk politics must first engage meaningfully in hockey forums before being able to do so.


To achieve this, we've set two minimum post counts to the Politics, Religion, Philosophy & News sub-forum:


• 100 posts are required before members can reply to threads in this sub-forum.

• 200 posts are required before members can open their own threads in this sub-forum.


Not only should this ensure that hockey-first members are joining and participating in our discussions/debates, but will also give newer users more time to familiarize themselves with our community some before jumping into much more serious topical conversations.




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