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ESPN Articles (Should Read Both)


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It looks to me like The Athletic has pushed ESPN a bit, allowing some of their people to go long form a little more.. I'll admit my continued subscription with The Athletic is due to the latitude their writers get in terms of content and length..


I know ESPN is really a shadow of what it once was but there are two excellent pieces- check them out if you haven't:


#1- Jeff Passan

ON APRIL 16, 2020, Drew Robinson woke up, spread peanut butter on a cinnamon-raisin bagel, pulsed a green smoothie, sat at his kitchen table and finished writing a note that would explain to his family and friends why he had decided to end his life.



#2- Ryan Hockensmith

Painkillers and booze took ahold of me for a decade, and, as I have written before, my low point came in October of 2008. I ate 40 painkillers during my daughter's birthday party, and I threw up in the sink as the party roared on outside the bathroom door. I looked in the sink, at my breakfast and the last 10 pills that weren't fully digested, and I picked the pills out of the sink and ate them again. I'd have picked pills out of your puke too. I could not stop.


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