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What's Wrong with the New York Rangers?


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'MSG analyst Dave Maloney received a text from his daughter this week: "What is wrong with the Rangers?"....'


'Maloney texted his daughter back: "The expectations got a little beyond where they are reality-wise."'


'Is it the goaltending, or the defense?

The simplest place to start with Rangers is their goaltending, which ranks 24th in the league in save percentage (.894) through seven games....According to Weekes, Allaire also is "one of the best in the business" at getting goalies extra practice time to do goalie drills -- which has been challenging due to the condensed schedule. "It's just a very different setup this season," Weekes says. "'


'...Defense is the next issue of concern for the Rangers. The blue line was shaky all of last season, and their only offseason fix was trading Marc Staal and replacing him with Jack Johnson (who was bought out by the Penguins).'


'The Rangers have shuffled around their line combinations so often, it sometimes feels like coach David Quinn is treating the regular season like an extended preseason -- which teams weren't afforded in this accelerated season. "It's a little bit of the chicken or the egg. If you're winning, you don't have to change anything," Maloney says. "There's a valid argument to letting things grow a little bit, and develop. [Quinn] is looking for that combination that's going to work, but there just hasn't been enough consistency to stick with a set of lines."'

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I think there are some interesting takes on Shesterkin in the article


(Shesterkin) "One thing that is different right now is he's allowing goals through his body," Weekes says. "Like [opponents are] finding holes, which most goalies in the NHL don't do -- unless you're going through a rough patch. But everyday NHL goalies don't allow them very often. For that reason, he looks smaller in the net, even though he's not a small guy. I think it's a confidence thing. I know from putting myself in the spot in terms of positioning, and you know you're in the right spot, and somehow the puck can find a hole. If that happens once, you shrug it off. If it happens two, three times you start second-guessing yourself, and the next thing you know you're misplaying pucks that would hit you routinely in your body."

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