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Seahawks Tackle Chad Wheeler Arrested on Domestic Violence, Assault Charges


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Seattle Seahawks tackle Chad Wheeler was in jail on Monday night following a Saturday arrest on assault and domestic violence charges, according to Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times.


Police responded to a call of a woman locked in a bathroom amidst a physical fight with her boyfriend. Wheeler is alleged to have strangled the woman to the point of unconsciousness. Upon regaining consciousness, she locked herself in the bathroom before Wheeler picked the lock and entered the room. Police entered the apartment amid screaming and found Wheeler standing beside the woman.


The victim was taken to the hospital due to arm pain. Police were told on the call that the victim had dislocated their shoulder.




Wheeler has been released on $400,000 bond after being arrested and details for suspicion of felony domestic violence.


He allegedly strangled his girlfriend to the point at which he seemed to think he had killed her. When she regained consciousness, Wheelers allegedly said, ?Wow, you?re alive??







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Yeah, I don't follow football, but as soon as I saw his picture all I could think of was Latimer from The Program.


I didn't get that from the picture but I pictured it while reading the OP lol. Wheeler should be in jail getting his ass beaten by the hardcore convicts who look down upon women/child abusers. How does attempted manslaughter get bailed out?

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