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'Utopia' on Amazon Prime


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Anyone watch it? Pretty interesting conspiracy theory type of show, 8 one hour episodes so its a quick watch. The TLDR version is the show is about a :gasp: virus that is spreading throughout the US killing kids at alarming speeds. For a little bit of added depth, its about a comic that predicted all of the modern deadly viruses in the world and the sequel comic could hold the cure for the most recent pandemic. Cast includes John Cusack, Rainn Wilson(Dwight, The Office), Cory Michael Smith(Edward Nigma, Gotham), Christopher Denham(Dake, Billions), Desmin Borges(Edgar, You're the Worst), and a bunch of others that I am not familiar with. It was a pretty interesting watch considering the times we're living in. I was looking on Amazon to see if there were other seasons available and I saw that this is an American remake of a British show, similarly to Shameless. Also like Shameless, I did not bother to watch the original so I can't comment on which version is better. I am not usually into conspiracy theories but it kept me interested and wanting to come back for more. Great twist in the finale. Makes you think about how quickly these COVID vaccines have been produced :nervous:
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