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Pete Souza's 'The Way I See It' Documentary

Blue Heaven

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Highly recommend....One of the best documentaries out there. Pete Souza was Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama's White House photographer. It mainly about his time following Barack Obama his 8 years at the White House. If any of you follow Pete Souza on IG then you know what he's been doing for the last couple of years. The documentary is showing the 8 years of Barack Obama through the lens of Pete Souza, shows the human side of Obama. If there is a time to watch it....its now....You can stream it for free on the Peacock app. I think other streaming services have it but have to pay for it.

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This was excellent and obviously, the photos are wonderful. He must have taken 100,000 photos or more to show what they did over the course of an hour -- hour and a half.


I'm the "photographer's driver" whenever my son goes out for one of his NYC shoots either by himself or with a group. He takes 350-450 shots to get 2-3 worth posting to Instagram.

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