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Projected Rangers Linupes Get it All Wrong


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I?ll tell you this. Whenever I see a projected Rangers? lineup that does not have Alexis Lafreniere in the top six, but rather on the third line with the Blueshirts stacking left wings Artemi Panarin, Chris Kreider and Lafreniere, I hope this does not reflect the views of management.


This, too: You?d better believe that Morgan Barron?s and Vitali Kravtsov?s respective cap hits of $1.775 million per, as opposed to Phil DiGiuseppe?s $700,000 or Kevin Rooney?s $750,000, will play a part in roster decisions out of training camp.


Barron and Kravtsov have entry-level bonus packages of $850,000 apiece. Per capfriendly.com, most bonus clauses kick in after 42 games played (or what would become the prorated equivalent of a truncated schedule).


Kravtsov, on loan to the KHL, might not be summoned to North America before the second half of the Rangers? season, anyway. In that case, the cap hit would become moot.


But Barron, nominally a center whom management had pegged as a winger had the Cornell product been allowed to join the Blueshirts for the qualifying round, would almost certainly have to be substantially better than the competition in order to avoid playing the first half of the year in Hartford ? if there is an operational AHL team in Hartford.



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I'm sure as soon as that lottery ball popped there was some instant buyer's remorse on that Kreider deal.


I didn't want them to re-up on Kreider last year...


I've come to grips with it a little bit now, but that term....on a streaky player like him????


I would prefer to see Kreider in a package deal to land a 2nd line center.

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They need a Kreider more than they need another skilled European winger.


I'd like to have a skilled center....(from anywhere), but I don't think they are on the menu right now, Josh man. Kreider's contract isn't awful, but the term takes him to 36 years old, I think. I can't even begin to think of what a lazy ass he may be be after year 3 or 4 of this current deal.


I'm hoping for the best though. I'm hoping to see he grabs a leadership role by the throat with this team and brings it "most nights", rather than some nights.

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Perhaps its just me, but I'd like to see the kid play a meaningful NHL game before I anoint him a top 6 staple.. Perhaps I got burned on the Kakko hype, but starting on the 3rd line and growing might not be the worst thing in the world.


But what the hell do I know.

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