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How Long Would You Survive a World War Z-like Zombie Apocalypse?


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Based on your location (so relative answers, please), your particular set of skills, your medical conditions, mental state, etc. how long would you estimate you would last in a World War Z-like zombie apocalypse?


For anyone who hasn't seen it, these zombies are attracted to sound and operate with extreme aggression.


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My answer: a week, max. Because I won't abandon my kids, and there's a zero percent chance they'd comprehend the new reality of needing to be quiet at all times. We could hunker down here with a fair number of close combat weapons, with barricaded doors and windows and ride it out for a little while, but the first kid to start screaming crying would likely result in all of us getting torn up.
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As far as location, we live in a small neighborhood that's 3 miles away from "town" and 30 minutes away from nearest city. Most of this area is very hands on, so they might be able to protect me a bit. But I'd eventually go out for beer, weed, maybe food and that's how I'd get caught.


But there could be an outbreak and we wouldn't know for weeks. I still don't know anyone who knows someone that's gotten covid. (Personally. My wife knew people in Brazil, and through work we.had 2 in Philly, but locally - no)

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