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Reminder on Hazing


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Far too many instances this past week. From Section 1, C of our Rule Book:


Do Not Haze New Members: New members should feel welcome to post their questions or comments, no matter how well-informed or misinformed you may feel they are. Do not harass them for asking questions or treat them poorly for not knowing the proper etiquette to posting here. Remember, we were all new once before! If you feel they've broken a rule, simply report the post the same as you would any other member.


Welcome them to our boards and help them find the information they are looking for. Give them a chance to get used to things here. Hazing new members will not be tolerated. The purpose of the forum is to grow and give as many Rangers fans as wish to join the chance to become part of this community. If you feel compelled to help, then help guide them into becoming better users. Do not help to escort them off the forum as it is not your place to do so. Hazing new members may result in an Infraction. Repeat offenses may result in a permanent ban.

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