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NHL Channel on Sirius XM


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so this is my first season with it and I don?t know man they hardly ever talk Rangers. I?ve probably heard more about the Nordiques in the first 3mo. definitely heavy on Canadian teams (at least half the air time). anyone else getting this when you tune in?
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I find that there's a crazy disproportionate amount of Coyotes coverage.


Some good things though, Mike Johnson is really good, and the Boomer guy is maybe the best in tbe biz, I never had any exposure to him before.


definitely no shortage of Coyotes coverage since yesterday lol. I think Boomer does the fantasy stuff and that’s just not my cup of tea. spent my ride this morning listening to Bob Corkum get interviewed about ladies hockey (sounded like an annoying airport cell phone situation) followed by speculation on of it’s ever gonna be the next WNBA. good times.

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Rangers are in a rebuild, you’re not going to hear much about them anywhere


I hear ya but 24/7 NHL channel you’d think we’d come up every now and again. biggest free agency, plenty of story lines, hell 5 min on the Wolf Pack is more interesting than Ottawa

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