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Is This Too Good to be True?

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Want to buy a Panarin jersey for my son for Christmas.


Found this website, but in my old age I have come to the realization that anything too good to be true is usually not.




With the way he is growing, he would just be using the jersey as a practice jersey and maybe wear to school a couple of days, so the idea of dropping $200+ on an official jersey seems cray-cray to me.


To all the jersey dorks who post here, please don't hesitate to give suggestions on where I can find something that I described for under $100.

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Probably from China, so it's hit or miss. I have a good one, an ok one, and my mom had 1 that was terrible. Smaller/kids jerseys, and jerseys without names/numbers don't look as cheap


If buying, make it known its not authentic or a replica, especially to avoid any disappointment.

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