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Pop quiz: "Double Vision"


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i searched the board. dude is stealing his material


I don't remember a lot about JD (other than being a great goaltender) but isn't this kinda going against moving forward mantra ( as opposed to typical Ranger machinations of hiring old, tired, past prime veterans from the past? I realize playing is diff than managing but...


heheh...wiki already has him on the job... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Davidson_(ice_hockey)


"John Arthur Davidson (born February 27, 1953 in Ottawa, Ontario), is the president of hockey operations for the New York Rangers and a former goaltender for the St. Louis Blues (1973–75) and New York Rangers (1975–83) of the National Hockey League. He is also well known as a long-time hockey broadcaster. On June 4, 2009, it was announced that Davidson would be honored by the Hockey Hall of Fame with the 2009 Foster Hewitt Memorial Award for his contributions to broadcasting.[1] "


and I never knew this song was inspired by he, Gordon and the "Big Whistle"...


Playing career[edit]


Growing up in western Canada, he played his minor hockey in Calgary, Alberta. He was drafted fifth overall in 1973, and became the first goalie in NHL history to jump directly from major junior to the NHL. While his hockey career was fraught with many significant injuries, he is perhaps best remembered as a player for leading the Rangers to the 1979 Stanley Cup Finals on an injured left knee. His jersey numbers were 35, 00 and 30.[2] Davidson was the first, and one of only two, NHL players to wear the number 00; after Martin Biron briefly wore the number in 1995, the league banned the use of the number.[3]


Davidson was the inspiration for the song Double Vision, from 1978's album Double Vision by Foreigner. Members of the band who were Rangers fans were watching a Stanley Cup Playoff game between Davidson's New York Rangers and the Buffalo Sabres. Davidson was shaken up when a shot hit his goalie mask. As he was recovering, announcers Jim Gordon and Bill Chadwick said Davidson was suffering from "Double Vision."[4][5]




I sure remember that other heartbreaking SCF in '79....

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IDK but am happy I don’t experience that feeling much anymore. The last time was on vacation in Mexico a couple of years back when the drinking began with breakfast and ended with me falling asleep along the surf at sunset. When the tide washed up, it scared the crap out of me so I sat up and cursed the ocean. LOL


its not about being drunk

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