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Mark Pavelich, Miracle on Ice Star, Arrested on Assault Charges


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Mark Pavelich, a forward on the 1980 U.S. Olympic ?Miracle on Ice? hockey team, is in jail on four felony charges including assault after allegedly beating a neighbor with a metal pole.


The incident took place Thursday, according to a complaint file.


A neighbor said Pavelich attacked him, with Pavelich accusing him of spiking his beer after they went fishing. The neighbor was ?in and out of shock, but had observable injuries and an obvious disfigurement of his leg,? according to the complaint. He had two cracked ribs, a bruised left kidney and a fractured vertebrae.


Pavelich, 61, was reportedly ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation by a Minnesota judge on Monday.


?There is reason to doubt (Pavelich?s) competency,? wrote Judge Michael Cuzzo in a court order for the evaluation, according to the Duluth News Tribune. A Minnesota court official said that order is not public record.



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Always marched to a different drummer. He picked up and left in the middle of the season in 85-86. He scored a 6 on 5 tying goal in Quebec and was gone the next day. He was always a real Northern Minnesota solitary guy who just wanted to fish and hunt. They breed them like that up there.
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Former Rangers star and 1980 ?Miracle on Ice? Olympian Mark Pavelich on Monday was reportedly deemed unfit to stand trial on charges stemming from an alleged brutal August assault on his neighbor.


The decision was handed down in First District Court in Grand Marais, Minnesota by Judge Michael Cuzzo, who ordered the suspension of Pavelich?s pending trial, according to The Duluth News Tribune.


?He lacks the ability to rationally consult with counsel, is incapable of understanding the proceedings, and is incapable of participating in the defense due to mental illness or deficiency,? Cuzzo said.


Following the arrest, Pavelich underwent a court ordered competency hearing that determined the ex-NHL player was likely suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and an unspecified neurocognitive disorder, the report said, citing Cuzzo?s order.


With Monday?s ruling, Pavelich?s charges will be dropped in three years, unless prosecutors decide to retry to case.



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