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NSH Re-Sign Colton Sissons to 7-Year/$20M Extension; $2.857M AAV


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these are the kind of deals that could pay off big time if they can manage to increase their role. They also won't be the worst if you need to find a way to move that contract. Sissons can likely be a pretty effective NHLer for at least 4 of those 7 years and any time after that is a very buyout-able deal if need be/if he needs to be traded, someone would take him to fill out a 4th line
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interesting. why lock up a role player for so long? do they really value his role playing ability that no one else couldn't duplicate?


I would normally agree with that but at the end of the day, if you know you have something that works why risk losing it? 7 years is a bit extreme though. I'm sure they could've done a 4-5 year deal and it'd be better but hey, they like what they have, think he might eventually be worth a lot more and the security of having that locked down at a pretty reasonable salary isn't the worst thing in the world

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