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Karlsson an "obvious fit" with the Rangers?


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Miller has his limits, but he is a much better playmaker than a "middle of the pack, serviceable grinder". His goal total this year was surprisingly low, but generally given good minutes he can be expected to score 20. Cally's career with Tampa has gone exactly as we expected. Occasionally very effective, often injured, aging rapidly, way overpaid. TB probably is not too surprised. They reasonably hoped that he would be a key cog in a successful cup run in the 2014-17 time frame and knew that he would be losing effectiveness rapidly in the latter portion of the contract. It's just that the cup thing didn't happen.
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MSL trade looks better and better every day.


Yes but lets not discount the fact that we only had an aged MSL for a short window of time in a trade where we could have gotten some serious assets back for the future at a time where the cupboards were as bare as they could be. I know they had a great cup run but in the end they didnt win the cup- I think the win still goes to TB.


I didnt like the trade when it happened. I am indifferent to it now but still think it wasnt the right move.

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