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10 Year Challenge


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Alright, it hasnt been 10 years, but post a quote/thought/idea/whatever that you posted your first year on the forum.



Post regarding my signature

I have them turned off, so I don't care. It may be time to retire the Callicorn, and the Avery_Save_Us didn't save anything.

Since you guys look at it, any requests?


I miss my Callicorn! :(

He hustled!


Now y'all get to see homeboy Lias for the next year.


I still have sigs and avatars turned off.



I also remember when I made my future wife get the F out of bed early and go to work when no one else did

Nothing like driving through a foot of snow for 20 miles, only to discover you are the only person from your dept to show up for work.
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