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John Scott Survives Near-Death Scare After Falling Through Lake Ice

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Former NHL enforcer John Scott managed to escape a horrifying, near-death incident on a lake behind his home in Traverse City, Michigan over the weekend.


As the 36-year-old prepared to clear some snow off the lake to make a backyard skating rink for him and his family Sunday, the icy surface gave way and Scott plunged into the freezing water below. Luckily, he fell through right next to his dock and was eventually able to pull himself out of the lake, though not without a significant struggle.


Scott recounted that struggle in an interview with The Athletic's Chris Kuc.


"I couldn't get up on my dock the first three or four attempts because I was soaking wet — I was just drenched," Scott said. "I was like, 'OK, do I scream for the ice fisherman but how is he going to get me?' My kids were playing up at the house and they weren't going to hear me screaming with the noise up there.


"I tried to hoist myself up but I couldn't do it and there was no way I could get to a part where I could walk up because at the end of my dock it's probably 20 feet deep and I couldn't get around to where the beach starts, so I was like, 'either I get up on the dock or I don't get up at all.' I managed to find a somewhat solid piece of ice to put my foot up on and kind of hoist myself up luckily."


Scott estimates that he was in the frigid water for around a minute as one of his shoes and a shovel sunk to the depths of the lake.


After pulling himself out of the water, Scott had to gather himself and regroup with his family. That's when he realized how lucky he'd gotten.






I never felt comfortable skating on lakes....

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