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NHLSL Sim Hockey League looking for GMs


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Hello all,


The NHLSL is a very active league where GMs are respectful and have built great camaraderie.


We would like potential GMs to quickly review the following points to make sure the league is going to be a fit for them:


-Re-rates are based on NHL performance (2 years)

-Use STHS for simming results

-New GMs have trade reviews for the first 30 days or 3 trades, whichever takes longer, to ensure they get a feel for league values as they are different in our league from the NHL and other leagues

-We have a salary cap and contracts are based on a grid with the exception of UFA Extravaganza where there is a closed bid process

-We communicate via Skype messenger and PM on our forum and GMs are requried to be active on both.


We are in our 7th season and we are very stable and sim consistently every night so there is no risk of putting a lot of time into the league only to have it shut down.


We currently have the New York Rangers open for GM position. There is a lot of draft picks in this team allowing for a new GM to rebuild their great franchise. Lineups can be viewed below.


New York Rangers Roster - http://nhlsl.com/team.php?team=28


If you are interested, please email the commissioner at thedude_abides89@hotmail.com


Best regards,



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