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Sabres Places Berglund on Unconditional Waivers to Terminate Contract


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The Buffalo Sabres announced this morning that they?ve placed Patrik Berglund on unconditional waivers for the purposes of terminating the contract.


Berglund had been suspended since Saturday when he failed to show up for the team flight to D.C. on Friday. The disgruntled forward made it known that he no longer wanted to play in Buffalo and the Sabres have now obliged to his request prior to the roster freeze going into effect tonight.


The 30-year-old forward had three years at a $3.85 million cap hit remaining on his deal. When the contract is terminated, that cap hit will come off the Sabres salary cap with no repercussions.






So, all in total, he's walking away from around $13 million because Buffalo. Ouch.

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They should get stuck with the cap hit.


He should not be allowed to play hockey (IIHF rules) - and the Sabres should sue him for breach of contract.

These are two conflicting things.


You can't stick a team with the cap hit if the player just doesn't report.


I do think he should be prevented from playing with another NHL team for a year though. Kind of like NCAA transfer rules. Players should have some further consequence for just walking away from a contract b/c they don't like their ice time.

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A year? No, the length of his contract.


As far as cap hit, yes, you keep the cap hit or it allows players/teams to do this in a regular basis.


You will eat what I make. Welcome to the dinner table, big boy.


Contract termination has to be mutually agreed upon so it doesn't make sense that the team would have to pay the cap on a player that just doesn't come to work. Most players are not turning down 12.5 million dollars, so I don't think there's any chance of this becoming the norm.

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The backstory on this is his agent never filed the NTC list of teams. He'd have had Buffalo on it, supposedly.


I mean Buffalo is good, so he really just is a selfish player.


Agree with not playing in NHL for a year tho.


Wait what? His agent never filed while he was in St. Louis? Sounds like an issue between him and his agent not the Sabres.

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