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Boo Night?

Vodka Drunkenski

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Wtf is this new trend? Ringing my bell and leaving candy on the porch...what happened to mischief night and toilet paper?


My parents and their neighbors used to do stupid things. “Boo” eachother with a ghost decal, then left beer/whine/etc.



We’re in a new house. We’d be a great target to TP, some smaller trees out front. I probably wouldn’t notice.

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We were a little less harmless.


When I worked in a grocery store as a kid, super glue was my friend. Glued cans to the shelves. Watched old ladies struggle in confusement. Glued coins to vending machine change returns.


Also used to slice the bottom of flour bags, so when someone picked it up, it would go everywhere. Mostly all over them. (Be the first to help cleanup and they dont suspect you!)


Halloween we always kicked over the pumpkins “on accident”. Set a bush on fire once. We were young enough to be scared and thought we’d go to jail for it.

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