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Oilers Working to Trade Milan Lucic by "Sweetening the Pot"


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where would we waive his FULL NMC to go? He aint going to Ottawa or Arizona. Which team struggled physically in the playoffs?


Edmonton will probably lump in Puljujarvi and continue to compound their issues.

Theyve said they wouldnt trade the 10th for cap relief, previously,.

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Here's a crazy idea (that I'm borrowing to share here):


To EDM: Smith, 28th overall

To NYR: Lucic (33% retained - $4M AAV), 10th overall or Puljuj?rvi, plus



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I may even throw in our 26th to get the 10th pick AND Puljuj?rvi AND try to get the Oilers to retain more of Lucic's salary (maybe up to 50%)

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$6 million for five more years. I'm not sure there's enough sugar in all of Edmonton to sweeten a deal enough to convince another team to take that on full freight.


No way I want this contract we'll be bitching about this in years 3,4,5 & 6.

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What about


To Edmonton:

26th, 28th, Smith, Zucc


To NYR: Draisaitle, Lucic, 10th


Would that work?


Not with Draisaitl in there.


The rest isn’t enough to move up. I know Edmonton will want to move that contract, but unless they have a trade or FA signing on the horizon, they can’t give away the pick.


Additionally, 26 + 28 isn’t enough to move into the top 10, especially when you include Smith (who no one wanted for free when he was waived last season). I also don’t see Zucc returning the assets Rangers fans believe he could. You might get to move up a few spots from 26 if you include 28 + Zucc, moving up to the late teens, but it would take the right situation for any team to make that deal.

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Really like Draisaitl, what do you guys think will take to get him.

Is it even possible at this point.


He Has four years NHL experience, i think it worth more then 9th pick from this years daft.


Never happening. He's not available.


We're talking about helping them take out their trash (lucic) in hopes of getting a pick

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