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Alfredsson on Sens/Melnyk: ?We hope we get a new owner"


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At what was expected to be the rather innocuous launch of Mayor Jim Watson?s re-election campaign, ?surprise? guest Alfredsson made a comment that blew up on social media.


?We?ve talked a lot, we?ve talked about the future of the Ottawa Senators and its ownership and we agree,? Alfredsson said to former Ottawa Sun columnist Susan Sherring, now a blogger. The ?we? refers to Alfredsson and Watson.


?We hope we get a new owner.?


In the end, Alfredsson was merely expressing the sentiments of a majority of Senators fans, a view we knew he shared ? the Senators could use a new owner.


But this was Alfie talking, Alfie who twice left Melnyk?s organization, once as a player and later as part of management, and that magnified its significance.


Ironically, the #MelnykOut campaign, a fan-driven movement opposing the ownership of Eugene Melnyk, had grown quiet in recent weeks as off-season hockey talk heats up. Ottawa?s season long since over, fans have been doing their research on teen prospects as the NHL entry draft approaches. The Senators have the No. 4 and No. 22 picks in the first round, important building blocks for the future.


Now, the talk of Ottawa?s ownership returns to the front burner.





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Grain of salt:


My grandfather and Melnyk's dad were acquainted due to farm life as Ukrainian immigrants.


Apparently they're sort of bastards. I'll save you some family drama but my understanding is that they'd screw you over for a dollar.

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Melnyk is a disaster, he can't afford the team and is the cheapest owner in all of sports. The Rangers need to take advantage of him while he is still there. Mark Stone?


I'll take that leadership and production from someone who just turned 26 this month. Give this RFA a nice 5 year contract and watch him become Captain by Christmas.

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