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CAR Terminates Contact of Ron Francis; Joe Nieuwendyk Resigns as Scout, Advisor


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Francis fired, sent to work from home, and essentially fired again within a month. Nieuwendyk resigns, presumably in protest, and they can't seem to find anyone willing to take on a GM position in title only.


Things in Carolina ain't going so well these days.



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One of my only great entertainments @ work is watching Independently Wealthy executives, essentially here on non-compete deals, fly off the handle on corporate meddlers, even the C-levels that out rank them because they can afford to not give a fuck. It would be so awesome to have that kind of cache, where you're able to just quit in protest when your buddy gets screwed for the umpteenth time by a fucking moron.


Good for Joe. Probably good for Ron, too, in the long run.

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