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Parity Paradox?

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PIT and PHI are behind us and our goal differential is better.


1. Do those teams suck too?


2. Do their coaches need to be relieved of their duties?


3. Are those teams playing ?soft? and have little to no passion?


I?m asking because maybe this is the downside of a parity league. Teams are diluted to the point of general mediocrity. And the NHL wants to expand further still? Buttman & Co. may realize this and are intentionally holding back.


IDk what?s the answer anymore. The game may be in a state of peril and the NYR are being swept up in the plague.

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Parity prevails in most sports, nowadays. The leagues want all teams to be competitive against each other on any given day. TV $$$$$ is the engine driver.


It?s also a recipe for less than stellar performance by these mirror image teams. While I?m puzzled that more standout talent isn?t ?out there? (world wide) to help roster a couple of more expansion teams, I would guess that the elaborate scouting systems would have rooted out those players by now.

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