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Money and Investing


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My company just recently started matching for 401k investments. I'd been putting 1% into my account forever, but recently upped it to 5%.

My company just revealed that they'd match up to 3.5% if you invested 6%, so I upped my contribution to 6%. DON'T GIVE AWAY FREE MONEY.


I have a savings account with Ally, which is fucking fantastic. 1.25%, no min balance, but no ATMs and prob takes a day or two to transfer funds.


I have a profit sharing account at work, which is weird...it's my money. It's all in my name and social, but it's through work, separate from the 401k, and whenever I call them, I don't get a reply. One of the employees who left the company also had this account and got his money from it, so it exists, but it's not liquid or tangible, so to me it always seems fishy.


My pride and joy lately has been my Acorns account, which I essentially use a savings account, but it yields 5% on average. They take your money and invest it into the market. You get to choose whether you want to be conservative, moderate, or aggressive in your plan. I'm aggressive.

You can link your account with a debit card, and they round up your purchases from 5.58 to 6.00 so that .42 goes into your Acorns account.


I connected all of my shit to Mint recently, but found that I'm not using it as much as I should/could be.

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I used to use mint, but it got annoying having to unlock accounts all the time.


I also don't like profit sharing. I'm usually pro-company, but I just don't like the idea.


I have 2 401ks, both invested at the "aggressive" rate. Both doing great.


I have a mortgage for a house I don't live in...which is ducking up trying to get another house. Oh well.


We also have a few random stocks. Wife's uncle does this for us. Upped amounts in December. Making out like a bandit, lol. But these are practically penny stocks. I don't think we've invested more than a few thousand, everything considered.

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