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Dreger | Teams Appear Wary of Max-Term Contract for Evander Kane


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?But put your general manager?s caps on for just a second. What do you guys think is fair in term and in money for Evander Kane. And as much as I?m willing to give this guy the benefit of the doubt, he does come with some baggage. We all know that. And I think it?s ancient history. I hope all of that nonsense is behind him. But when you?re establishing a value in the number of years you?re comfortable with in offering him an extension, and the money that you?re going to have to pay him to keep him out of the market of unrestricted free agency, what is that ? is it three years, is it five years, is it more than five years.


?Again, the player has earned his opportunity to check in on the market. So that?s what Buffalo has got to wrestle with.?


?This is such an unfair thing for me to say, but I say it because it?s the mood, it?s the feel, it?s the temperature of what I?m getting from around the National Hockey League. I?m not saying that there isn?t going to be another team that?s willing to give Evander Kane seven years, but if there is I haven?t come across that team yet. I haven?t come across it.


?Now, we?re also in November, early November. Let?s, again, give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he?s going to continue to be the player that he is right now, which is a hell of a hockey player ? a player that every team in the NHL can use. If we?re still having this conversation based on how good he is and how well he?s playing, then I?ll rescind that comment because I can guarantee you that the mood and the appetite for Evander Kane around the league will have changed. But it?s in early November and teams are still very, very skeptical. Unfairly? Perhaps, but that?s the way they feel.?



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Give me all of your assholes. I'm tired of bland hockey where everyone is a nice guy. Let's ruffle some god damn feathers.


We dont have the in-lockerroom leadership, at this point, to try to take on a player like that. Shit would get bad.


Plus, the cost to acquire is ridiculously high (1st, 1st/2nd, player, top prospect) & the cost to re-sign will be bad, too.

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