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Big Buff, Matt Hendricks Catch, Release a... Dinosaur


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Winnipeg Jets center Matt Hendricks and defenseman Dustin Byfuglien have both been dealing with minor injuries, a foot problem and a ?soft-tissue issue,? respectively. Their rehab of choice this week involved taking advantage of a mandatory off-day to head out on British Columbia?s Fraser River and catch a 600-pound creature that looks like it belongs in the deepest and most hellish spaces at the bottom of the sea. (A sturgeon.)



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are they easy to catch or something? How do you reel that thing in?


and it just poses for a pic like that?


If I saw that thing on the end of my line I'd freak out and throw the pole in the water. Dude, get me out of here!

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They're docile as shit. They don't have any teeth. Not many around where I live any more in Southern Ontario, but they pulled one out of a dam a few years ago, it just rolled over and gave up. I guess 150 years of eating garbage off the bottom of a river will do that.


I work in Western Canada, they're pretty popular there as sport fish, but they also don't have trees so they're kind of fucked in the head.

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