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Greg Wyshynski Leaving Yahoo Sports' Puck Daddy; Joining ESPN


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I?ve been told that two of my greatest assets as a writer are my speed and my creativity, so naturally I?ve been staring at a blank screen for six hours and can?t think of a single clever way to announce that today is my last day at Yahoo Sports, after nine years as editor of the Puck Daddy blog.


This is a decision I made during the summer, and it?s been in the works for the last few weeks. I apologize for not being more upfront about it, but there were a lot of moving parts.


Simply put: I didn?t want to spend the next three years trying to recreate something that couldn?t be recreated. To try and maintain standards I set for myself, and for you, that couldn?t be maintained, given the changes in staff, resources and objectives after the sale to Verizon. This is very much my own hang-up, as I anticipate NHL coverage will continue to thrive on Yahoo. But it was an insurmountable one.


I know myself and how I work, and I?ve already seen how I reacted to the losses of Leahy and Cooper and Neale this year. It wasn?t healthy, and ultimately it was going to lead me in one of two directions: Overworking to overcompensate, which is my default setting, or into a cycle of complacency because we had built a machine that saw record traffic in 2017.


I didn?t fancy either option, because I also wanted new challenges professionally, and so I decided to leave. Which it turns out was the most difficult decision I?ve made in my career. But ultimately, I believe, the right one.


So to be clear: I wasn?t caught in (another) round of layoffs. I wasn?t fired for something I wrote, much to the chagrin of my new friends at Breitbart. It?s my decision to leave Puck Daddy before this season, and I thank my superiors for accepting it.


I know where my next career destination is. I can?t announce it quite yet, despite being extraordinarily excited about the opportunity. But you?ll be the first to know, officially, when it happens.






Really hoping this is the launch of The Athletic NYC, because this is a massive loss for Yahoo Sports.

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Yahoo is laying off everyone.


Source: I know lots of people laid off at Yahoo


Yahoo ceased being a company with a soul or a mission, once creepy corporate (I don't understand the Internet or Culture) Marissa Mayer took over as CEO. Her total failure was inevitable.

Glad Greg is out of there.

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This news explains why MvsW can't continue. There's no working relationship between Sportsnet and ESPN.


If ESPN wants to get back into the hockey content game, though, this is a smart, strategic add. Wysh is exactly the kind of hire who can help them get past the mass layoffs they were ripped for months ago.



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Yeah, he'll fit in nice there


I really do not want to hear about any sports writers politics.


Liberal or conservative, the writer and organization are doing a poor job in my opinion if I can say for sure where they lean politically. I don't watch hockey to hear/read about politics.

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