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Gary Bettman on WFAN w/ Mike Fatcessa

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- Playoff season is the best in sports, most intense tournament

- Rangers fans are happy so far

- Terrific season, competitive balance is extraordinary, franchises are strong, attendance/ratings are good

- Islander fans have an owner who are committed, Barclays wasnt built for hockey, Barclays was there b/c the Islanders had to get out of Nassau Coliseum, they are committed to NY, looking at all options in the area

- Sounds like new Nassau Coliseum is not a long term option, doesnt know if it could even be a short term option

- Islander fans should be excited and intrigued on the possibilities of where they will play in the future, CitiField, Belmont

- Malkin did not buy the Islanders to move them out of the area, he is committed to the area

- NHL consults with the analysis of location, help, facilitate with the knowledge of going through this in the past

- Dont need to be confrontational with the players about the Olympics with the playoffs going on

- NHL is not anti-Olympics, suggested to move the Olympics to the Summer Games, but IOC doesnt want to move it to Summer Games

- February is primetime for the NHL with no NFL going on

- Seen examples that teams have fell off the table after the Olympics, Islanders loss 2 players to season ending injuries to the Olympics

- NHL doesnt get to promote that they are there, they are a non-entity, no rights to use any of the footage, IOC wont treat them as a top sponsor

- Give up 3 weeks of exposure

- No NHL Network, NHL.com, NHL apps when the '98 Games took place, what company shuts down for 3 weeks?

- Never gets a discussion from the IOC to move hockey to the Summer Games, its just a flat out No

- Doesnt think going to the Olympics work for the NHL

- Doesnt want to get into the threat of players leaving for the Olympics, just wants to focus on the playoffs

- Wants to stay current with technology and using it to connect with fans

- Smart move to join with MLB as a content partner

- Coverage NBC gives the NHL is spectacular

- All of the games during these playoffs will be shown nationally for the first time

- Doesnt think the NHL ever becomes a studio game, live is so much better than watching at home

- Getting 60 minutes of action, other sports is 3 hours but with 11 minutes of action

- Providing a good experience at a live hockey game

- Play to about 95% capacity during the regular season

- New building in Edmonton is spectacular, Detroit will have a new building that will connect with the fans


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- NHL betting is about 1% of the bets placed in Vegas

- Lots of transplants that want major league sports

- Arena is easily accessible, get off highway and its right there

- Season Tix drive was aimed towards small mom and pop companies and locals, not go towards big companies/casinos

- More than 5000 showed up for the announcement of the name of the team

- This isnt a relocated team so this is a birth of a new franchise

- Already was getting booed in Vegas at the name announcement, made a joke that you are ready for an NHL team

- Expect the players to conduct themselves appropriately, no rules for players that live in Vegas, just cant bet on NHL games

- Doesnt think he needs to worry about the behavior of the players in Vegas, cant speak for the other sports

- Doesnt think legalized gambling nationally is a front burner issue to worry about now

- Completely comfortable with hockey players and how they conduct themselves

- Doesnt know if it would bother him if a player lives in the Bellagio rather than a house in Henderson, its a hypothetical that he would have to think about

- Believes that they can do very well and thrive in Vegas

- Vegas is a community of 2 million people and growing, hockey fans travel well, guesses that a lot of fans will take trips to Vegas, lots of season tix holders so guesses fans will have to buy off the secondary market

- Only thing that they are looking at for next season is video replay and coaches challenge, speed up the challenges, limit the amount of time for coaches to make up his mind

- Hockey players are great no matter how banged up they are

- Schedules are only as good as the dates they get and arena availability, they do the best they can for a fair and competitive schedule

- Taking 3 weeks off compresses the schedule

- Happy with the playoff format, emphasizes rivalries

- Night 1 of the playoffs were excellent, 2 OT games

- Game, league, ownership has never been stronger

- Not looking at more expansion, not focused on Seattle, like what they have right now

- Deepest expansion draft, better chance to be competitive

- Hockey fans seem to be the most tech savvy

- Great international opportunity, World Cup was successful, great deal of interest in China, government is putting an emphasis on winter sports building lots of rinks

- Admits that the NHL doesnt have as many fans as the other sports, but NHL fans are the most tech savvy and affluent

- McDavid, Matthews are the next stars of the NHL. Francesa is stunned that Auston Matthews is from Arizona

- No prediction for the Finals

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