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'True Detective' on HBO: Season 3


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True Detective season three is inching closer to reality.


Series creator Nic Pizzolatto is working on a third season of the HBO anthology series with Deadwood creator David Milch, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.


The pay cable network would not confirm the news.


The duo are said to be in the early stages of writing a possible third season, which has not yet received a series order.



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I still feel like Season 1 was a phenomenal story with a shit ending and Season 2 was a phenomenal ending with a shit story. Season 3 needs to rectify both by telling a complete story, start to finish.

Yea. I never liked the ending to Season 1 at all.


I think Season 2 would have been much better received if there weren't such lofty expectations. It's impossible for people to view it on its own. I thought there was a lot of really cool stuff in there.

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Spoilers ahead:



JOHN got me interested in the Elisa-is-Julie theory, but I'm having a major reservation on age. Julie was like seven (give or take) when she was taken in 1980, which would put her somewhere in like the 42-46-year-old range in 2015 when Elisa is interviewing Wayne. I think the morel likely scenario here is that Elisa is Julie's daughter, and is angry that Hays failed to find her mom. This would also explain her reservations from last night's episode with providing a clearly retired and incapable Hays from looking at the evidence she's dug up since the investigation closed.


Related: I think Hays actually knows who the killer is/was, but his mind has broken so much so to the point that he simply can't remember who by 2015. Working with Elisa, he will come to share enough of what he does remember to allow his son to make the collar by the end.


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