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The Blueshirts Brotherhood App: Now Available for iOS and Android


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Is it possible to add more BBCode options to this menu?

I wanted to format text to bold.

Or if there's a way to bold, underline,or italicize text without manually typing the code, lmk.





Could have sworn I answered this, but apparently not. The answer, unfortunately, is no. I didn't physically build the app. Tapatalk did. But it's an issue they're aware of, as other users have asked the same. My guess is it's a future feature.

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That's correct. This happens when you click on the main link of a thread? Like, if you just click on the J?gr thread from the Around the NHL section?


I swear it was (going to first post) right after I made the settings change. But now, it is going to the most recent post like I want.



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Anyone having a problem with the app on their Android device ? Something strange is happening to mine yesterday. I've cleared caches and shutdown and restarted the app and uninstalled and reinstalled the app, rebooted my Nexus 7. I'm getting a blue and white screen of the app without the BB logos showing up and not acting like the website. I open the app and I get this strange image and I then hit the image and then takes me to the blue and white image. I might remove the app shutdown my device, reinstall, reboot and then open. Thanks for any 411 Paddy



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