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'Making a Murderer' on Netflix


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Anybody watch Making a Murderer on Netflix?


It's about Steven Avery, who got out of prison after 18 years of being wrongly convicted for attempted rape and murder.

Once he gets out they tackle his story, and the conspiracies and somehow he ends up as a suspect for another suspicious murder a short time after he got out of jail. Looks like a set-up or something deeper than the surface.


I love it so far, and it really gives you an inside look at the justice system. Although this is just one county, it sucks seeing things like these.


I'm going to watch the 4 hour confession of his nephew, Brendan Dassey, who was also arrested on the same charges as Avery. From what I've heard, the poor kid was 17 and the interrogators forced a confession out of him. Repeating statements such as "Just be honest" hundreds of times and "We already know what happened" a bunch of times. People are saying the confession was coerced and Dassey was wronged.



^ here's the trailer, it's definitely worth checking out in my opinion. This is all real by the way, and actually follows Steven Avery and not actors.

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Just finished. Thoughts below.



All-in-all, I think both Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are likely guilty of killing Teresa Halbach. But this series wasn't really about their innocence or their guilt in the way the Paradise Lost series was regarding the West Memphis Three. This series, to me, was more about exposing the serious flaws plaguing our Justice system. It succeeded in doing so. Masterfully.


I think the Manitowoc County police department absolutely planted evidence to strengthen the prosecution’s case, to effectively ensure guilty verdicts for both Dassey and Avery, who again, I personally think were, in fact, guilty. However, it’s on the prosecution to prove guilt, and in that charge, they failed. Their legal case — their true case — simply wasn’t strong enough to actually support the charges against either man. They, in fact, needed and benefited immeasurably from the illegal tactics of a questionable police force to bury both the pending lawsuit against the County and a man they clearly had a personal disdain for. Maybe even a vendetta against.


Avery’s case was riddled with reasonable doubt, and Dassey’s “confessions” were coerced and probably should have been inadmissible. I’m not sorry either is in prison, but their trials were a farce and the process in convicting them was an exercise in legal absurdity.


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