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'The League' on FXX


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This is the final season for The League. (http://observer.com/2015/08/nick-kroll-and-mark-duplass-on-the-final-season-of-the-league-and-the-future-of-tv/)


I think the creators tried to change the target demographic for the show from football fans to everyone, but I may be wrong.

As for me personally, I find the show hilarious, especially Taco, and I love that I can tell my friends that aren't football fans that they can still enjoy the show (maybe that's what they were hoping for?)

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This is my favorite show on TV, tho that might not be saying much as I hardly watch any modern shows. Raffi is the best character on any show by far. The show has been going downhill tho, last season was by far the worst and this season has been hit or miss. As much as I love the show and would never want it to end, I think they made the right choice ending it now. Only two episodes left.
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