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GNOOSIC and Music-Map ? Tools for Growing Your Music Arsenal

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I recently discovered ? this morning ? two related tools online that act to link musical tastes and make band recommendations on both.


GNOOSIC ? Basically asks you for your three favorite bands, and based off of those, will list an additional 8-10 bands that it thinks you may like. Some you may have already heard, some not.


Music-Map ? Provides a visual map of artists based on a singular artist that you have searched for in its engine. The closer the bands are, the more alike they are.


Both of these tools are part of a greater system called GNOD or Global Network of Discovery. Their tools are designed for helping people to broaden their horizons in a sense, in the arts. They have similar tools for books, movies, and art. It's a pretty cool concept, and for someone like me, who often gets stuck in a rut of listening to the same bands, or reading the same types of books, it can be a great way to branch out and discover new artists. Just figured I'd share.

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Just tried Gnoosic. Seems pretty cool but once I get the list of names...then what? I have to search them out on my own anyway? It seems incomplete.

So far, yes. It's just compiling lists of bands you might like. I'm more of the fan of the Music-Map because it gives you a visual and groups bands into sounds. But it's a nice accompaniment to Spotify where the radio can be hit or miss for artists.

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i actually find pandora and last.fm to be good at the related-artist-playlists.

go list your three favorite bands there and use the station to teach you more. and you can hear the music.


The problem with Pandora is that when you put in a band and they give you their channel, you hear that band once every 20 songs. Thats fine f they have a small catalog of music, but on more established artists, that sucks. I gave up on Pandora. I was using Milk, but now I have the XM App and just use that or my iPod.

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