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Ed's Good Deal Thread


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I make a pass through ebay once a day looking at various things. One of those things is Rangers jerseys, in this thread I figured I would share some of the good deals that I come across but I'm not particularly interested in.



Fist off an authentic (indo) Ryan McDonagh heritage jersey size 52 (large)




Problems I see with this is the name plate and spelling of the name. Should be McDONAGH vs MCDONAGH and the nameplate isn't arched correctly. But for $100 plus shipping its not a bad pickup. Not sure if there are any real jersey purists or enthusiasts on the board but this is not an edge 2.0 or 1.0 just a regular run of the mill authentic jersey.



Second item up is a Ryan Callahan authentic heritage jersey size 52 (XL)




Project jersey, could easily strip it and turn it into another player with the use of a seam ripper which are like $3. Once again not on of the edge 2.0 or 1.0s. If this guy would take $75 for this one I'd be all over it.





Last up is a Richards replica size XL. Richie was a good Ranger, jersey looks pretty good if the guy would take $40 its a solid pickup.

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Why pay $109 for a bootleg, when you can get an authentic one for $160?


The "A" on the Richards jersey is suspect.


I didn't look at the Callahan one. Fuck him.



None of these are bootlegs. The first 2 are authentic that you can get at the NHL store, or MSG. The customization on them isn't perfect but the sweaters themselves are legit. The Richards one is a premier jersey, nothing bootleg about it. Yea the A is placed in the wrong spot but it is what it is. If there's one thing I know what I'm talking about its this crap. I'm just trying to point out a few deals to people here and there. Not everyone can walk into the NHL store in midtown and buy an authentic heritage jersey for $380.. If you bought that Callahan one for example, stripped it yourself which probably would take an hour, and then sent it to arena wear to be customized you'd have yourself a $380 jersey for essentially $210.




To clear things up even more there are 3 versions of the authentic Reebok edge jersey. The 1.0, 2.0 (Canadian made), and retail authentic commonly refereed to as the "indo edge". The 1.0s and 2.0 are the game jerseys that the pros actually wear on the ice. 1.0s aren't easy to be had these days as they were only worn for half a season or so and haven't been produced for retail in a few years. The 2.0 jersey is manufactured for retail sale but you have to look in the right places for them. Typically the only places that have them is IceJerseys.com and the Jersey Baron. The final model is what Reebok and the NHL has rolled out in the past 3 or so years the Indonesian made authentic jersey, hence the nickname "indo edge". There is nothing bootleg about the Indonesian made Reebok authentic jerseys, these are what you'll find in team stores in all 30 venues in the league. Its just not the same exact jersey that the pros wear on the ice. If you have a 2.0 and an indo edge in your hands you can tell which one is a higher quality product. The Callahan and McDonagh jerseys above are "indo" edge authentics.



From my personal collection here's a team issued Ryan McDonagh rookie year jersey. This is a 2.0 model.




This is a 1.0 Notice how it looks kinda like an under armor type material.




This is an "indo" from my personal collection.




Notice the neon green neck tagging instead of the CCM/Reebok tagging on the 2.0s and 1.0s. You really can't see the material difference in the pictures but in person its night and day.

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I really wanna get my Gaborik changed to Miller, but on the other hand, I don't. Lol tough decision. Huge fan of Gaborik and hated seeing him leave, but I like Miller a lot.


I'd wait until we know he's staying here.

Old Gaborik jersey >>> Miller jersey

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