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breast cancer awareness fundraiser


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background - i've been giving out free stickers that say, "phillyb hates me!" to people for about 4 years.

my audience is mainly people who modify their cars, but recently it's been branching out to other avenues - lots of skaters, bmxers, and snowboarders...plus some people who just collect "free slaps" - aka free stickers.


october is breast cancer awareness month and i had a bunch of pink vinyl. i cut about 100 of these stickers and am "selling" them for $3 each. basically, i collect the funds and will be donating to http://bcrfcure.org at the end of the month or when the stickers are gone.




if any of you guys want to donate, the paypal address is donations@phillybhatesme.com


for those of you that may be apprehensive about sending me your money before donating it to the breast cancer research foundation, i did the same thing last december and documented it on my phorum. we raised about 130 bucks and picked the wounded warrior project as the beneficiary. you can see how it unfolded here (for proof) - http://clubphillyb.net/viewtopic.php?t=753&p=14840


this new fundraiser was started on sunday, 9/28 and we've already raised $104.

my goal is to get that number up to $300.


i'll try my best not to encroach and bump this thread incessantly, but i'd like to keep it relative if there is some positive feedback from you guys.


if you have any questions, you can pm me here or email me - phillyb@phillybhatesme.com


thanks! :slats:

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