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Car Insurance

Vodka Drunkenski

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That depends. I was involved in an accident years ago at work, and because an accident report was made, it gets reported to the insurance companies in NYS. It actually popped up with my insurance company where I had to get a signed letter from my boss stating that it was a work related accident. With no fault insurance, which is what NYS is, they split the cost down the middle no matter who is at fault. Thats the only thing that sucks about no fault insurance.
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Ive been in like 348 accidents that were not my fault...you'll be fine.


Honestly though, my car is only two years old and has been fixed three times. I was side swiped in the city by a pickup, ran over a truck tire in the middle of the road on the turnpike and three weeks ago I was driving in Long Island, went over a patch of asphalt that had been repaired, and my airbag went off in my car. This thing has had like $35,000 in damages from those three accidents and my insurance has actually done DOWN recently because none of those situations were my fault.

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