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19 Injured, Roughly 1,000 Rescued During 'F' Train Derailment


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Officials are still trying to determine what caused a Brooklyn-bound F train to derail in Woodside, Queens earlier today. At a press conference this afternoon, Deputy Chief James Leonard announced there were 19 injuries due to the derailment, including four serious ones; approximately 1,000 people were rescued from the eight-car train after the derailment.


The train derailed about 1,200 feet south of the 65th Street local station while running on the express track. According to the News, the derailment happened in an area where there is a long and sweeping curve that trains enter after a downhill run; the curve has a speed limit of 35 miles-per-hour.


Officials haven't given any indication as to why it derailed there: "We are focusing on investing the problem," MTA CEO Thomas F. Prendergast assured reporters. The last subway derailment came on May 29th, 2013 when a 1 train derailed just south of 125th Street in Manhattan; you can see a brief timeline of past derailments here.


While the first car was mostly undamaged, Udit noticed that the third car was "on a good tilt," and there were a bunch of mangled seats. There was no ventilation in the tunnel, so many people felt dizzy and required oxygen. Six out of the eight train cars went off of the tracks?the only ones that didn't were the front and last cars.



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Literally took the F train a half hour before that. Very happy to have missed this. Though on my way home I did have to take a $50 cab ride as there was nothing else going by me as a result :'(


Scary stuff too, always considered the subway as safe a mode of transport as any (excluding being pushed in front of a moving train).

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