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Re-sizing GIFs?


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i found a gif i'd like to use, but want to resize it so it's not HUGE.

can pshop do this?

if so, how?

there are two images. there are two layers. whenever i save the file after resizing it, it's a gif, but it's not animated. it just bunches the layers together and doesn't alternate.

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You should be able to do it in Photoshop. Open the GIF file, and check the Timeline feature (Window > Timeline) to make sure the GIF's natural frames are in place. Then just re-size it the way you would normally using Image Size (Image > Image Size) and to re-save the file and retain the animation, Save For Web as GIF.
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i don't have timeline in my window menu. i'm also using a mac, maybe i should fire up illustrator on my pc and see if i can figure it out. not sure i have pshop on the pc.


these are my options






what i was indeed able to do was get the gif to save as a gif (save for web and devices) but as i tried to articulate, it just bunches the layers together and didn't retain the animation. i wonder if this timeline feature you're explaining is my missing key.


i am also a complete novice (read: idk how to do shit) with pshop, so it's very possible i'm doing something incorrectly.


thanks phil.

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